The Escort ‘Experience’ GFE ( & BFE )

GFE & ( BFE )

Girlfriend Experience & Boyfriend Experience

combining a nice & relaxed atmosphere whilst Both enjoying a ‘Professionally arranged’ meeting for companionship … can be pure bliss! on the knowing Basis that does not entail ‘real love & pure romance’. it Doesn’t have to sound so Clinical. somewhat Statistically, a person is More entitled to open to a Stranger about their life purpose and desires… than with Someone known for an eternity! you can always learn New things with new people! Two Consenting Adults are in their every right to Seek Pleasure From One Another’s Company. Enjoying The Things That A ‘Normal’ Boyfriend & Girlfriend Would usually Do. A good Escort Experience creates a good service! and most like the fact that ‘all cards are laid out on the table’. and Whether you are a female searching for a male escort or a male discovering a female escort, or even same gender preference. the joy of companionship is reluctantly the same. companionship on a deeper level, softer aspect of a relationship but holding the same point of ‘no strings attached’. .

the understanding of a very special escort experience applies to all genders & sexualities. f4M ( Female for Male m4F ( Male for female ) F4F ( female for female ) M4M ( male for male ).

it’s about the journey … not the destination

a successful experience is a service that holds the concept of giving more of an affectionate, slowed down meeting. a sensual encounter, a closer interaction on a deeper level… like rehearsing the feeling that you have known each other for a long time. to feel Completely at ease with your partner, A GFE / BFE Escort type of service Is To endure Comfortability, Security & all the Loveliness that comes With it. so who will you Choose To Date And Spend Your precious Time With?

A Meet That Is Booked And Arranged By The Client Is A Very Productive Move. Choosing The Person They Want To Spend their morning, afternoon or night with. Having A general Idea Of What To Expect Either During Or Leaving The Date will help you decide on who, what and where to book & strategically plan ahead. for eg. a Restaurant reservation for the evening, travel plans & general wishes & expectations of the person you would desire to meet. another eg. subject of Conversation, look at the escort ‘likes‘ & ‘Enjoys” section on their profile page. do you have hobbies of interest? by reading the description of him / her you can get a rough idea of the type of person & character whom you are about to meet. we cannot Guarantee we find your exact match the First time round, as meeting someone new can be unpredictable. we will always try to make sure there Is some one more suitably Synchronising For you.

booking an escort with us, Is what we believe, a refreshing way of a Person taking hold of his / her or love life or social life. use our services as a route to experiment Different dating styles & services with a new partner. hiring a companion to share special moments with & to make wonderful memories with is all part of making history! make your rendez-vous as Exciting as you want to… the ball is in your court

if you are about to meet your date for the first time, Don’t be nervous! our escorts Have Incredibly warming personalities & also a highly Professional manner. they are naturally open to show you their softer, Sensual side… putting you both at ease to enjoy yourselves to the Maximum on your special date!