role-play fun with escorts to fulfil their life-long sexual fantasies and desires.Erotic role-play fun with an escort lets you and your escort assume different characters while enjoying sexual intimacy. Most clients are open to exploring any sexually inclined role with escorts and women in their Experienced escorting career are asked for suggestions on roles to play. Some of the traditional role-play ideas Irresistible Role-Play Fun Ideas are are & most common are nurse/patient; doctor/nurse; teacher/student; and boss/secretary.

Role play & role reversal can be a fun Experience. often Referred to as ‘switch’ in domination terms. if you have often found yourself wondering what it would be like to meet one of our ‘secretary’ escorts or maybe a ‘nurse’. Maybe you have the burning desire to dress up in womens clothes or play the role of a sissy, virgin mary or a school boy being told he is has been a very naughty boy!

Uniform Men/Women Roles

Men or women in uniform are typically sexy and charming. Their steaming looks often stimulate sexual arousal, so you can create a different erotic storyline around this for your role-play fun. For instance, fireman rescue can repay through sexual favours and extreme gratification by an attractive female. Also, an offender may offer a policeman a quickie or oral sex is in place of a fine. Likewise, a corrections officer can be seduced by a sexy inmate for escape or any personal favour.

uniform, wigs, glasses, heels, Stockings, shirt & a school tie. you name it , she has got it ! the Perfect scenario to act out the taboo & play out the ‘kooky’ scene … Fulfil your Fantasy …

Bored HouseWife And Door-To-Door Salesman

This Is The Fantasy Of A Sexy Salesman That Shows Up At The Doorstep Of A Bored Housewife And Sweeps Her Off Her Feet. This Story Is Common Among Middle-Aged Women Seeking Sexual Pleasure. And As A Female Escort, You Can Also Play The Role Of A Client That Fancies Himself To Be Hot And Sexy. The Salesman Should Take Charge Of The Situation In A Masculine Yet Romantic Way, And The Lady Show Surrender And Let Him Have Fun. The Acts Should Feature Temptation From The Lady To Lure The Salesman Into Having Sex With Her.


role reversal, putting on makeup, womens clothes and feeling the feminine energy & pretty prim & proper aura… practicing being a feminine fancy and ‘pretending’ you are a female is nothing to be ashamed of. we all have either masculine or feminine energies & souls come as one. colliding with the fantasy of being a female for a little amount of time is fun, so frolic around in the highest heels you can find, or request, our escorts really have the perfect lace pink dress just for you!